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Giveaway No. 183O Publishers Clearing House
A 3O-Year Prize Payout decision has been made for $1O,OOO,OOO.OO SuperPrize® numbers assigned to this Bulletin. Should the SuperPrize Number assigned to you from this Bulletin match the winning number drawn, you will be able to inform Dave Sayer of the Prize Patrol whether you prefer to Accept this decision or Amend it to a single Lump-Sum Payout.

You are directed to respond to the bulletin by January 19th (11:59 PM, ET). Should you be selected as the winner from this Bulletin as stated above, you will be directed to either accept the annual payment decision or amend it to a single lump-sum payment.

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Now, let us tell you a little bit about the decision we would be asking a winner from this Bulletin to make.
Accept or Amend Accept or Amend Accept or Amend
Should you win from this Bulletin as stated above, you could choose to ACCEPT the decision to receive Annual Payments of at least $225,OOO.OO for 3O years. Accept or Amend Should you win from this Bulletin as stated above, you could choose to AMEND the decision thereby receiving a single payment of $4,25O,OOO.OO.
Accept or Amend
_FIRSTNAMEPC__ _LASTNAMEPC__, this official entry document must be submitted by January 19th (11:59 PM, ET), or you will void your opportunity to win from this Bulletin.


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P.S. _FIRSTNAMEPC__, your timely response could also win you $1,OOO.OO in PCH Pay Day Cash! You see, 1 lucky $1,OOO.OO cash prize winner will be announced on in this Exclusive, Online-Only contest from Gwy. No. 2270. Will you become a cash prize winner on February 2nd? Respond Now!

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Prize/Value Giveaway
End Date Est. Odds of Winning
or the $4,25O,OOO.OO Lump-Sum Payment
183O *2/28/15 1 in 1,215,5OO,OOO
$1,OOO.OO 2270 1/28/12 1 in 12,91O,OOO
* Winner may be determined earlier. See Official Rules for details.

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